Multiuse Dining Tables for Tiny Homes

In a tiny home, space for furniture is at a premium.  If a table can also become the storage area for chairs that can be used with the table, so much the better.  If a living room table can also be a desk, a dining room table and a set of drawers for storage, then this multi-functionality is a very good use of the limited space available within a tiny home.  Figure 1 illustrates the first of these ideas, and Figure 2 is an example of the second.

Figure 1. rested stow-away chairs and small table. [1]  P_pin.png

This set would take up very little space in tiny home. It can serve as a small table for meals, with seating for four people, or as a side table for many kinds of tasks.

Multi-use table:desk:storage.png
Figure 2. Lift top coffee table with storage below. [2] 
P_pin.pngIn a tiny home this combo could serve both as an elegant table while the top is closed and as a storage are for smaller items inside its multiple drawers.  When the lift top is open it can also be a desk for your work or a dining table for two when placed next to a couch. 



Kendall W. Corbin

October 19, 2017

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